Avoid FHA Foreclosure

There are plenty of ways you can avoid FHA foreclosure on your home.  Knowing what steps to take will allow you to stay in your home and work out a financial arrangement which makes sense for your needs.

For some, the prospect of a foreclosure might seem to be the only possible results of financial troubles.  If you simply can not afford to pay your mortgage anymore, you know what's going to happen: the bank is going to take back your home.  But when you have a FHA foreclosure, perhaps you have more options than you realize.  All you need to do is to stop worrying for a moment and begin to take action.  You might just keep your house after all.

When your lender begins to send you letters about your FHA foreclosure, you need to make sure you are reading them.  While it might seem like a good idea to ignore them, they often contain information you need that will help you manage your foreclosure situation.  Contact your lender immediately so that you can avoid a FHA foreclosure. 

What you might note realize is that your lender doesn't want your house, but they do want your money.  Many more lenders are willing to avoid FHA foreclosures by coming to a different arrangement with the homeowners who are having troubles.

So, start off by reading and responding to any letters you might receive from your FHA lender.  These steps can help set you up with counselors or with other guides.  Also, some letters might include legal notifications and if you ignore these, a day in court might not be very pleasant.  You can not tell a judge you didn't read a piece of paper and believe they will be lenient.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides
information on how to avoid foreclosure on your home.

With the help of a counselor from an HUD approved housing counseling agency, you will learn about your mortgage rights and what you have to do in order to avoid foreclosures.  You and your counselor will look through your loan documents to see what is expected of you and how you might be able to get assistance.  You will also want to learn the FHA foreclosure laws for your state as they vary.

Since you are already having money problems, it's also a good idea not to make things worse.  Begin to create a budget which will ensure that you have enough money for your basic needs and some money leftover for paying what you can for your home.  Make sure your mortgage is the priority in your budget, that there is always money available for that payment whenever possible.

If you have any assets you might be able to tap or to sell, make sure to look into this now.  When you are having troubles paying your mortgage, this is not a time to hold onto valuable items.  You need to sell them in order to get your mortgage payments caught up as much as possible.  Not only will this help your situation, but it will also prove to a lender that you are willing to do whatever it takes.

Foreclosure prevention companies and foreclosure scams aren't going to help you during this difficult time.  Remember, there are free FHA foreclosure counseling services out there to help you find ways to avoid foreclosure.  You don't want to lose or pay out any more money than you have to when your house is close to a FHA forclosure.

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